For the Chance...

Neil Thomas

For the Chance of a Last Drop to Ask More from Honey and From Twilight

     1. Necronomicon
     2. Bizarre Ritual
     3. Enochian Whispers
     4. Hard Against the Parapet
     5. Method in My Madness
     6. Honey
     7. Citadel
     8. Flowers in Vain
     9. The Same Mistakes
    10. Choked
    11. Hunger and The Hurting
    12. Twilight
CD version

Compact Disc

Standard Jewel case presentation,
featuring a twelve page booklet
providing full sleeve notes and lyrics.
This is the perfect digital package.


including UK postage and packing

cassette version

Audio Cassette

Type II : Chrome Position
Duplicated with Dolby Noise Reduction
for the serious retro connoisseur
NB: These are very limited edition.


including UK postage and packing

Apple Airpods

MP3 / Streaming

Although there is nothing better than
a tangible, physical format with full
colour artwork, we know that some
prefer the convenience of MP3.

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