Artist Development


An artist development plan is essentially a step-by-step plan that cultivates an artist’s musical talent, usually with the objective of maximising profit for the record company. With our core philosophy focussing in independence, we are against restricting artists (or pushing them to make creative decisions based on purely commercial reasons). Instead, our approach is to work with artists to help them to develop to meet goals, that they have set themselves.
Our A&R team are available to assist with advice and encouragement, and become particularly useful in terms of project management for new releases. All of our staff are musicians themselves (or else have strong connections with the industry) so they appreciate how difficult it can be to balance creativity with business tasks.

Create Freely

Our objectives are to nurture and develop our artists, to become the best musicians that they can be. We do not impose restrictions or make demands on output, because we appreciate that true creativity is not always alligned to business models or market trends.

Create fiercely

We actively encourage our artists to engage with each other. Your label mates can offer advice / suggestions or even contribute with guest solos, backing vocals - you name it! Collaboration helps to stimulate your creativity and take your ideas in new and unexpected directions.

Create Independently

Fiercely Independent is (and always will be) an independent concern. It is not affliated to - or a subsidiary of - any larger (and frankly sinister) multi-national conglomerate. The artists that we choose to work with are our passion and our only concern.