Music Production

Recording / Production

Music production refers to the entire creative process - from songwriting and arranging, pre-production, tracking, mixing and mastering your songs. Our A&R team can work closely with you to help you to get the most out of your material. We do not dictate what you release (or how often) because we prefer to work in partnership with you, rather than pushing you in directions that you may not wish to go.

mixing desk

Whether that means helping with arrangements, making suggestions to help improve your songs or being on hand to guide through every step of the way - we are here to support you to get the most out of your creativity. All of oour team are experienced musicians themselves and have a breadth of knowledge on hand to help out. Similarly, we have producers who are available to work closely with you to develop your music and take it to the next level. Or, if you prefer, you may like to handle the production work yourself. We can also help you to find an appropriate studio, engineer - or mastering service to complete your project.

Graphic Design / Packaging

Of significant importance to the music is the album artwork. The marriage of sound and visual completes your product and provides for a professional presentation of your work. The album cover art reflects the music and the music in turn reflects the artwork. It is therefor a major consideration when working on your project. Even in the digital domain having a substantial visual is crucial to your projects success.

graphic designer

Fiercely Independent recognise this importance and have graphic designers on hand to work closely with you (even as you write) to develop your concepts into a visual format that compliments your sound and image in order to communicate what your songs are about. Our expererienced design team are able to develop artwork and produced print-ready files to supply direct to the manufacturers - to ensure that your physical products have the most professional presentation possible.


There is a huge range of options for manufacturing physical music products these days and knowing what is right for your project is crucial. If you are aiming for a vinyl release, there are strict time constraints for side A and side B. It is also important to carefully consider track placement. CD packaging has evolved considerably and there are many eco-friendly options available that offer alternatives to plastic.

CD Manufacturing

Trends in music purchasing have seen a huge rise in interest for vinyl records and even the humble audio cassette has begun to make a comeback for those interested in retro culture and nostalgia. Bespoke packaging can also help your product stand out from the crowd, with coloured vinyl disks, picture disks and 'splatter' vinyl really helping to create a buzz.

Your A&R team, will work closely with you and can help to project manage your releases, to ensure that the launch meets all the demands of your target audience.