Strangers Here

Scott Wainwright

strangers Here album cover

     1. America, She Speaks to Me
     2. Everyone is Telling Me...
     3. Speed Metal Rag
     4. Down the Line
     5. Noah's Blues
     6. Adrift amidst the Cynics
     7. Someday I won't Feel So Strange
     8. Strangers Here
     9. Wash me Clean
    10. We'll See the Sun Again
    11. Troubled Man
    12. Whistle Blowin' Blues
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Twelve trailblazing delights,
as Scott explores the human
condition, spiritual journeying and
the optimism of hope.


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Type I : Normal Position
This resurgent format is ideal
for the nostalgic retro connoisseur
NB: These are very limited edition.


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